Navigation and Site Structure

Set up your site navigation using best practices for SEO and customer expierence.

Intro Into WooCommerce

A quick down to earth intro on what you need to know about the ECommerce goliath that is WooCommerce.

Quick Updates During Social Distancing

A few things you can add to your online store during social distancing.

Discover your Target Audience

Learn the easy way to discover your target audience and make your marketing work for you!

Pick a Perfect Domain Name

Easy to follow along guide to help you pick the perfect domain name without agonizing for days. Guaranteed.

Web Hosting 101

Everything you need to know about web hosting and choosing a hosting provider!

Monthly WordPress Maintenance

Ever wonder what goes into upkeeping a WordPress site on a monthly basis? Here is a super helpful checklist.

Creating a Social Media Calendar

A simple social media calendar to help you stay organized.