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SEO Done For You Will Make Your BusinessThe Talk of The Town.

Get an impactful, and sustainable website that will help you meet your business goals while you sleep.


New lead from your website’s contact form.

When you hire me to do your SEO for you (AKA SEO DONE FOR YOU) you’re existing website will be upgraded from the middle of the desert to the middle of Time Square. 

I mean, who doesn’t want a website that generates new leads and brings in more money while you sleep? What else could you want out of your business? Wow, is that a new lead that came in all by itself directly through your website? Yes, yes it is my beautiful friend! This is the power of SEO DONE FOR YOU.

SEO can be a confusing digital marketing language that no business owner has time to learn. Let me break it done a bit for you so we’re on the same page.

SEO = Search engine optimization

This means that when you use SEO strategies correctly search engines will index your website and then determine whether or not they want to suggest it to people searching for keywords it finds on your website.

Are you following?

SEO matters, because without using the correct tactics your website will be left floating in the middle of the virtual universe that is the World Wide Web (throw back I know…)

Who SEO is for?

SEO DONE FOR YOU is for you if…

  • You have an existing website
  • You’ve tried to learn SEO but are overwhelmed and tired of hours on google.
  • You’ve had your website up and running and now you’re ready to invest in SEO services to level up your business
  • Your website feels like it lives in the middle of the desert and you’re pretty sure you watched a tumbleweed go by last week.
  • You’re ready for the world to know and love your business.
  • You are done settling for average results, and now want to see where your business can go in the next year (and beyond).

SEO DONE FOR YOU is NOT for you if…

  • You don’t have an existing website (go check out my VIP Website in a Day)
  • You want to try and your hand at learning SEO yourself. Good luck my friend. Check out my Easy SEO Guide here.

$3000 or $750/4 payments

Real results.

Stop letting the unknown hold you back.

SEO might seem useless when you don’t understand it, but believe me when I say it’s the difference between a dormant website and a thriving site that helps you meet your business goals without a ton of extra work from you.

As an SEO expert, my clients have seen…

Client A


Average website click increase in google search results in
6 months.

Client A


Average impression increase in Google search results in
9 months.

Client B


Average website click increase in google search results in
30 days.

Take the guesswork out of SEO, and let me do it for you.

SEO Done for you will help search engines direct your target audience straight to your website, resulting in rocking bottom line, and your pipe-dream goals coming into focus with these elements →


Discovery call to discuss your goals and what you can expect from the full SEO audit.


Competitor research to make your website competitive so that users are directed to your website (and not theirs).


Keyword and content suggestions so that you can update your website with ease.


Title, tag, and meta-description optimization.


FAQ’s researched and written to create a seamless user experience


5 blog posts outlined and optimized to give you a head start on creating content that will help convert visitors to customers.


Blog post-writing video sessions to craft engaging content easily.


Google search console and Google Business setup so you don’t have to think about it.


Sitemap optimization.


30, 60, and 90-day review (you have to play the long game in SEO).

Still have questions?

Not sure if it’s time to invest in SEO?

Let me give you a clearer picture of what could be.

Having a beautiful website that 100% reflects your brand is only part of the website puzzle that results in an invaluable website that funnels leads and money while you sleep.

SEO is the other part.

SEO will catapult your beautiful website into the virtual world, and make sure that your target audience is actually seeing your business.

Think of it like this…your website is out networking while you’re at home sleeping (well, probably at home working in your PJs because the to-do list for a business owner is never-ending).

You’ve probably spent hours looking up how to implement SEO strategies, or listening to podcasts where marketers talk all about why SEO is so important to the well-being of your website and the future success of your business, but you still can’t imagine what your website would be like with proper SEO strategies.

Here’s what could be possible for your website:

I want your business to surpass your wildest expectations, and when you schedule SEO done for you with me, a Website + SEO Baddie, you’re headed in the right direction for the best year of your business yet!

Consider me your personal website +

SEO coach

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